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Arclin announces transition to using unbleached Kraft paper for the manufacture of its High Density

14 January 2011

Mississauga, ON Canada (January 14, 2011) – Arclin, a leading provider of bonding, surfacing and related products for today’s engineered building, industrial materials and natural resources markets announced today their plan to transition the construction of their High Density Overlay (HDO) for concrete forming from bleached to unbleached Kraft Paper.  

The new line of HDO products will maintain all their superior performance characteristics of existing products but will also bring a new level of sustainability and environmental responsibility to the market.  Laminators, distributors and contractors can take pride in using HDO products from Arclin knowing they are using products that take advantage of higher yields and generate fewer waste products during the pulping process as well as eliminate sourcing challenges for bleached paper and help moderate the added costs associated with expensive bleaching agents such as titanium dioxide.  The transition will take place over the next 15 months and should bring much needed stability to raw material sourcing.  

 “We are very excited to lead the industry with this transition” says Ted Arnberg, Business Director Plywood and Commercial Construction.  “Offering our HDO line of concrete forming overlays manufactured with natural, unbleached Kraft paper fits in well to our commitment to offer more environmentally friendly products that still meet or exceed the demands of the market.  This will be a collaborative effort involving key players up and down the value chain.”  

Arclin’s E-Gen designated, unbleached HDO products are still manufactured using FSC Chain of Custody certified papers and may contribute to LEED credits as a part of an overall waste reduction strategy. 

About Arclin

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Arclin is a leading provider of innovative bonding and surfacing solutions for the building and construction, engineered materials and natural resource markets. Arclin provides bonding solutions for a number of applications including wood based panels, engineered wood, non-wovens and paper impregnation. As a world leader in paper overlays technology, Arclin provides high value surfacing solutions for decorative panels, building products and industrial specialty applications for North American and export markets.