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Arclin Introduces New Brand Name, EPIC®, for Suite of Concrete-Forming Overlays

13 March 2012

‘EPIC®’ Name Reflects Industry Leader’s Commitment to Creating Products that Enhance Jobsite and Environmental Performance

March 8th, 2012– Tacoma, WA – Arclin, a leading provider of bonding, surfacing and related products for the engineered materials and natural resources markets, today announced the launch of the EPIC® brand name for its line of overlay products for concrete forming. Concrete forming overlays are used on substrate materials such as plywood to create consistent concrete surfaces and to extend panel use. Arclin’s EPIC, or enhanced performance, overlays ensure high quality finishes, are tailored for a variety of concrete and jobsite demands, and significantly reduce jobsite waste and labor costs associated with traditional concrete forming processes.

“Arclin has long been the market leader in creating high performance concrete forming products,” says Bjorn Wahl, Senior Vice President, Performance Products. “Aligning the entire suite of products under the EPIC brand name will make it easier for our customers and building supply distributors to differentiate Arclin products that provide even greater value to the market through superior performance, cost and waste reduction, and reduced environmental impact.”

The EPIC suite comprises a full line of concrete forming overlay products:

Arclin’s EPIC overlays bear the company’s exclusive E-Gen® designation for enhanced environmental performance: they extend panel life up to 20 times that of non-overlaid BB Plyform panels; reduce jobsite waste up to 64% over non-overlaid panels; are available with FSC®-certified papers and made in FSC chain of custody-certified facilities; and may contribute to LEED credits for waste reduction and materials reuse.

Arclin is a leading provider of innovative bonding and surfacing solutions for the building and construction, engineered materials, agricultural and natural resource markets. Arclin provides bonding solutions for wood-based panels, engineered wood, nonwovens and paper impregnation. As a world leader in paper overlays technology, Arclin provides high value surfacing solutions for decorative panels, building products and industrial specialty applications for North American and export markets.