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Arclin’s Portland, OR Overlays Plant Reduces VOC Emissions by 70%

07 August 2009

Mississauga, ON Canada (August 7, 2009) – Arclin, a leading provider of bonding, surfacing and related products for today’s engineered materials and natural resources market recently announced that as a result of ongoing improvements and technology upgrades, they have been able to reduce annual VOC emissions by 70% at their Portland, OR location.

“Historically this location has been permitted at a 90% process air cleaning efficiency level but our commitment to continuous improvement forces us to challenge that” says Bill DeWitt, Director Strategy Deployment.  “During recent maintenance events, we were able to take advantage of new technological upgrades that have allowed us to re-permit for a new Title V Air Operating Permit at 97% air cleaning efficiency.  This improved efficiency will result in a reduction of up to 250 tons of VOC emissions per year.  That is something our team is very proud of”. 

“Arclin is committed to being a more sustainable company and improvements such as this are proof of that”, adds Bill McLean, West Coast Operations Manager.  “We routinely apply Six Sigma principles to improve both manufacturing and business practices at our Surfaces operations and we are in the process of expanding its use to the rest of our organization”. 

Arclin is committed to acting responsibly by improving the environmental, health and safety efficiencies of all our operations while also expanding our E-Gen™ family of environmentally sound and certified green products .  

Please contact Kevin Griffin at (919)-542-2526 ext. 3020 for any questions about Arclin, our Portland facility or our E-Gen™ range of environmentally friendly products.

About Arclin

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Arclin is a leading provider of innovative bonding and surfacing solutions for the building and construction, engineered materials and natural resource markets. Arclin provides bonding solutions for a number of applications including wood based panels, engineered wood, non-wovens and paper impregnation. As a world leader in paper overlays technology, Arclin provides high value surfacing solutions for decorative panels, building products and industrial specialty applications for North American and export markets.