Concrete Forming Overlays

EPIC® Medium Density Overlays for Concrete Forming

Arclin’s E-Gen®-designated Medium Density Overlays for concrete forming are designed to add value to panel substrates — by extending panel life and producing a consistent and quality matte surface with every pour.

The quality surface comes from MDO’s ability to mask imperfections and reduce the transfer of the wood grain onto the concrete surface. The result of using a medium density overlay is consistent color and a smooth finish that is ideal for painting or coating.  The ability to reuse the MDO panels means more pours with each panel — significantly lowering labor and material costs and reducing jobsite waste.  

It’s positive impact to the environment — and to the bottom line.

Features and Benefits

  • More pours than BBOES
  • Extends panel life by up to 10 times that of non-overlaid BB Plyform panels
  • Cuts material costs by up to 64%
  • Surface-enhancing properties including water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, resistance to alkaline exposure
  • Uniform and consistent matte finish results in reduced finishing and repair costs
  • Available with FSC® chain of custody certification
  • May contribute to LEED credits as part of waste reduction strategy

Common Applications

  • For use with jobsite-built forming systems and gang forms
  • Concrete forming where matte finish is desired

Certifications and Designations

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