Captive® Recovery Agents

Captive® Clay Blinder for Potash Beneficiating

Using traditional beneficiating methods, even the “cleanest” potash can still contain unwanted clay particles. Imagine increasing the yield still further — up to 95%—while using considerably fewer resources.

Arclin’s high performing Captive® Clay Blinder for Potash has been engineered for specific ore bodies, attaching to even the finest particles of clay and sand and removing them quickly and efficiently from valuable mined materials. This innovative blinder compensates for the limitations of standard technology and equipment, providing better outcomes for your business and the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Boosts ore recovery to more than 95%, compared to traditional beneficiating methods
  • Provides extended pot life and storage stability of up to four months,
  • Significantly reduces waste, fresh water usage and manpower required to mix, maintain and dispose of alternative polymer systems
  • Works with a variety of flotation methods, including traditional, mechanical, column and diffuse air systems
  • Resists microbial attack

Common Applications

  • Potash beneficiating

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