Enhanced Bond Technology for Plywood and LVL

Applying new solutions to knotty challenges

Improves adhesive bond quality even with problem veneers

Arclin’s Enhanced Bond Technology is specifically designed to improve adhesive flow, penetration and bond quality on veneered wood surfaces that are notoriously difficult to work with.

Overdrying veneer changes the chemistry of the wood, making it harder for PF adhesives to penetrate below the surface. The result: weaker bonds and more frequent delamination. In addition, softwood veneer often features knots and associated cross grain that resist glue penetration. On hardwood panels, veneer peeled near a burl can leave behind wild grain patterns that make achieving a strong bond nearly impossible.

Extensive laboratory testing and real-world results consistently demonstrate EBT’s ability to increase adhesive penetration depth and yield higher, more uniform wood failures.

Features and Benefits

Arclin’s proprietary Enhanced Bond Technology cuts through modified veneer surfaces and dense grain to:

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