Saturated Paper Corestock

When high-efficiency cooling is essential, Arclin’s saturated paper core stock offers the resilience, durability and proven performance essential to keep evaporative cooling systems working at the highest level.

Thoroughly saturated with a durable, water-resistant phenolic resin with special wetting ability, this core stock has demonstrated excellence in construction of evaporative media, pads, and assemblies. Arclin core stock offers flexible processing for forming fluted shapes with rigid post-cure durability, and can be cut and sheered when cured. For climate control systems in poultry, swine, dairy and greenhouse applications—as well as commercial, industrial and residential cooling systems—Arclin evaporative cooling media core stock offers all the features customers demand.

Features and Benefits

  • Strength—both compression and deflection—post-manufacture
  • Excellent wetting and water-holding characteristics
  • Excellent adhesive bond accepting a variety of water-resistant adhesives

Common Applications

  • Swine, poultry and dairy operations 
  • Greenhouses and arboretums
  • Commercial and industrial evaporative cooling
  • Residential evaporative cooling

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